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Molecular Biology


Real-Time Quantitative PCR

CFX384 Real-Time PCR Detection System - BIO-RAD


The CFX384 provides the capacity to run 384 real time qPCR reactions in a 384-well plate format. Using the Bio-Rad C1000TMthermal cycler chassis as the base thermal cycler instrument, the CFX384 real-time PCR detection system incorporates innovative optical technologies and software to deliver sensitive, reliable detection for real-time PCR applications, including absolute quantification, genetic variation analysis, and gene expression. The system reads each well individually with high sensitivity and no cross talk to deliver optimal quantitative results. Multiple data acquisition modes let runs be tailored to suit any application. Our assays will be particularly useful to quantify the changes in Ct values and gene expression levels of undifferentiated and differentiated HESCs and HIPSCs.

For more info see Bio-Rad instruction manual.


BullDog Bio NEPA21 Electroporator - gentle and efficient!

Nepa21 instrument





  • Buffer Compatibility - Only non-capacitor, square-wave electroporator. Non-capacitors allow the system to more reliably produce square wave pulses even at physiological levels of salt.

  • Normal medium is used as the electroporation buffer. Less expensive to operate than the Amaxa which requires special buffers for each cell type.

  • Better Performance - patented 4-phase pulsing program, for first "poring" and then "transfer" molecules by electro-kinetic energy to overcome limits of diffusion - much more gentle on cells.

  • The NEPA21 has been referenced in more than 600 publications since 2015. It is often used in pioneering work, especially for challenging protocol development. Including transfecting organoids and pluripotent stem cells and delivering gene-editing reagents into finicky cells like embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells. 


Nucleofector - Amaxa 2b


Transfection device with over 160 protocols optimized by Lonza’s R&D Team for cell lines and primary cells and more than 680 entries in the online Cell Transfection Database, Nucleofector™ Technology is the transfection method of choice for difficult-to-transfect cell types.

For Nucleofector protocols click here at Lonza/Amaxa.


Luminometer -Lonza



The Lucetta™ Luminometer is a single sample luminometer for the detection of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence. The small, portable instrument is suited for all measurements of glow luminescence. It is equipped with a tailor-made measurement mode for Mycoplasma Detection Assay for simple user interface. It can also be used for many other luminescence based analysis methods, such as cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays or luciferase reporter gene assays.

Applications: Mycoplasma Detection Assay; ATP assays, Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Assay, Adenylate kinase assays, Cytotoxicity Assay, Luciferase reporter gene analysis

Product Features
  • The Lucetta™ Luminometer is a single sample luminometer for the detection of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence. It is a small, portable instrument developed for all measurements of glow luminescence. 
  • Detection of less than 50 amol ATP or less than 1,000 luciferase molecules in one reporter gene assay.

Lonza Luminometer more information click here


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