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bottlebrush tree at UCRBG
Sow good: UC Riverside Botanic Gardens turn 60
This week, UC Riverside’s Botanic Gardens celebrates a major milestone — its 60th anniversary.
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Electron flow
Electrons take flight at the nanoscale
Visualizing electron flow motivates new devices inspired by airplane wings
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Man in hazmat suit fighting COVID
Scientists uncover COVID’s weakness
New UC Riverside research has revealed COVID’s Achilles heel — its dependence on key human proteins for its replication — which can be used to prevent the virus from making people sick. 
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Are we right to be frightened of brain worms?
Has the news about an Australian woman with a living, wriggling roundworm in her brain got you spooked?  After experiencing abdominal pain and night sweats that developed into forgetfulness and depression, the 64-year-old woman was sent to a hospital. An MRI scan did reveal something unusual in her brain, but the roundworm was not discovered until the surgeon peered into her skull. 
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Yucaipa wildfire
Native nations and UC scientists join together in climate fight
Indigenous land-management strategies have been largely missing from modern attempts to combat the effects of worsening climate change in California. A new $7 million grant aims to change that.
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Plasmodium falciparum
New approach to fighting malaria
UC Riverside-led study zeroes in on special RNA molecules in the human malaria parasite
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MacREU participants in lab
Microchip manufacturing fellowship’s decade of success
To some Inland Empire undergraduates, getting paid to learn microchip manufacturing, resume writing, and professional networking sounds like a dream. This year, UC Riverside is celebrating a decade of making this dream a reality.
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A report from the groves:
Mary Lu Arpaia and Eric Focht have bred avocado trees in association with the University of California, Riverside, for decades. In the video below, they describe their quest for a better avocado that resulted in the release this year of the Luna UCR™,  a new variety that is the great-grandchild of the Hass. Speaking from experimental UC groves in Irvine, Arpaia and Focht describe the benefits of the Luna and the challenges of creating this new fruit of their labor.
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