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Cell Culture


Biostation IM-Q - Nikon

Integrated life cell culture and time-lapse imaging small Bioincubator



  • Perfect solution for long tern, time lapse, life cell imaging
  • Simple and easy operation -  Biostation IM-Q:  Manual 1_2 , Manual 2_2
  • Please check Core Consumables to find appropriate plates: IBIDI HiQ4 dish and 60u dish 35mm high



Biostation CT - Nikon

Integrated cell culture and time-lapse imaging large Bioincubator


The BioStation CT allows imaging experiments to be conducted without removing the culture vessels from the incubator. It consists of a standard sized tissue culture incubator with an inverted microscope inside, The BioStation CT holds 30 vessels ranging from 24 well plates to 75cm2 flasks, which are moved between the microscope stage and the vessel rack via a robotic device. The BioStation CT provides images from 2x to 40x with apodized phase contrast (APC) optics and fluorescence images with three color LED illumination. A bird's eye color macro view allows the entire vessel to be viewed from above. Complete security is provided and  users access only the samples for which they have clearance. Experimental results are reliably traced and can be accessed remotely via an internet connection or LAN.

Applications: Time-lapse video, reprogramming, pluripotency and differentiation studies, toxicology, drug testing, target identification, embryology,  IVF, apoptosis, molecular pathology.

Product Features
  • Micro View
  • Macro View
  • Robotic handling
  • Operation & Data Acquisition
  • Cell Counting
  • Cell Confluency and colony formation
  • Cell Division

For more information visit: Nikon Instruments - Biostation CT

Biostation Operation Manuals: BioCTv3.8_1 and BioCTv3.8_2 

Software for Nikon Biostation  data analysis: CL-Quant 3.10 manual  


Magnetic Activator Cell Sorter (MACS)

autoMACS Pro Separator - Miltenyi Biotec

Efficient cell sorting of human stem cells with high recovery




The autoMACS Pro Separator is a benchtop instrument for high-speed automated magnetic cell sorting of multiple samples. It combines all the benefits of the proven autoMACS Technology with novel features such as automated magnetic labeling and the sensor-controlled processing of multiple samples. This MACS is facilitated by illumination of buffer bottles by light-emitting diodes and operated via touchscreen. At the click of a button, multisample labeling and cell separation is performed, minimizing hands-on time. Sample integrity is also maintained by use of MACS cooling tube racks that allow for cooling of samples and eluted fractions.

Applications: Immunology, Stem Cell Research, Cancer Research.

Product Features
  • Auto-labeling - fully automated magnetic labeling of samples.
  • Multisample processing - up to 6 samples can be processed in a single batch.
  • Gentle - MACS Technology and cooling tube racks sustain cell viability.
    Literature shows that differentiated HESCs sorted by MACS exhibited a higher survival and proliferation rate compared to cells sorted by FACS.
  • Eye-catching - sensor-controlled process for safe operation and easy monitoring of the instrument status, even from a distance.

For more information visit: Miltenyi Biotec


Cell Culture Suites

The UCR Stem Cell Core offers a total of three cell culture suites.

Culture Room A
  • 1 Nikon ECLIPSE TS 100 inverted microscope
  • 2 Sanyo CO2 incubators
  • 1 Esco laminar flow hood
  • 1 Eppendorf clinical centrifuge
  • 1 Thermo Scientific fume hood for handling hazardous chemicals

Culture Room B
    • 1 Nikon ECLIPSE TS 100 inverted microscope
    • 1 Nikon BIOSTATION CT
    • 2 Sanyo CO2 incubators for normoxic and hypoxic conditions.
    • 2 Esco laminar flow hood
    • 1 Eppendorf centrifuge 5810 with 6-well plate bucket

Culture Room C
    • 1 Nikon ECLIPSE TS 100 inverted fluorescence microscope
    • 2 Sanyo CO2 Incubators for normoxic and hypoxic conditions.
    • 2 Esco laminar flow hood
    • 1 Eppendorf clinical centrifuge
Tissue Culture Suits
Tissue Culture Suits
Tissue Culture Suits


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