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CBNS 165 - Stem Cell Biology - 4 units 

This course is an introduction to various stem cells, their characteristics, and their niches. It explores the molecular concepts of stem cell self-renewal and tissue and organ development. It also illustrates the application of stem cell in therapies and explains routine methods used in stem cell biology. Current government regulations and ethics are also reviewed. The class meets for 3 hours of lecture and one hour of discussion per week. Students should have taken CBNS 101 or obtain the consent of the instructor. 

Participating Faculty: Dr. Nicole zur Nieden 


CBNS 169 - Human Embryology - 4 units 

This course presents an in depth study of normal human development from conception through the early postnatal period. Demonstrations use microscopic and other materials specifically adapted for the course. Consideration is given to stems cells in prenatal development and to abnormal development. The class meets for 3 hours of lecture and one hour of Discussion per week. Prerequisite(s): BIOL 005A, BIOL 005B, BIOL 005C or consent of instructor 

Participating Faculty: Dr. Prue Talbot 


CMDB 207 - Stem Cell Biology and Medicine - 4 units 

The objective of this graduate level course is to provide students with information on the latest developments in animal and human stem cell research and on the potential application of stem cells to medicine. Stem Cell Biology (CMDB 207) explores the derivation, manipulation, and differentiation of embryonic, germ, and adult stem cells. Lectures are presented by faculty participating in stem cell research in areas of their expertise. Students are evaluated based upon their participation in class, performance on problem sets, and a midterm and final exam. The class consists of 3 hours and 1 hour of discussion per week. This class may be taken by undergraduates with permission of the instructor. 

Participating Faculty: Dr. Prue Talbot, Dr. Nicole zur Nieden, Dr. Monica Carson, Dr. Laura Zanello, Dr. Jaiyu Liao, Dr. Frances Sladek, Dr. Ameae Walker, Dr. Andre Obenaus, Dr. Margarita Curras-Collazo, Dr. Noboru Sato 


CMDB 208 – Bioethics – 1 unit  

The objective of this graduate level course is to discuss ethical and social implications of stem cell research and its relationship to human health. Each meeting consists of a brief (5 minute) introduction to a case study delivered by the Instructors followed by a set of questions to discuss. The remainder of the class time is dedicated to a class discussion dealing with either the ethical, legal, or the technological aspects of embryonic stem cell research weighed against its therapeutic potential (i.e. risk to benefit ratio to society). Two to three students will be designated as discussions leaders for each session. Reading assignments are given prior to each class meeting and will be posted on the class website. 

Participating Faculty: Dr. Carl Cranor, in charge Dr. Richard Luben, Dr. C. Ozkan, Dr. Charles Louis, Dr. Marlene Zuk, Dr. Tony Norman, Mr. Bill Schmekel


CMDB 211 - Laboratory in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture - 2 units 

This course provides hand-on training in plating and passaging of human embryonic stem cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells. Students also learn to isolate and culture mouse embryonic fibroblasts, perform PCR and flow cytometry using human embryonic stem cells, and do immunohistochemistry on human embryonic stem cells and embryoid bodies. The course meets for two consecutive weeks for 40 hours each week. Enrollment is limited and requires permission of the instructor. 

Participating Faculty: Dr. Duncan Liew and Dr. Prue Talbot 


CMDB 255 - Joint Laboratory Meetings in Stem Cell Biology - 1 unit 

This is a seminar style course in which members of our UCR stem cell labs present their work to member of the Stem Cell Center. The class meets for one hour each week during winter quarter and different speakers from UCR labs make presentations each week. 

Participating Faculty: Organized by Tiffany Satoorian and Dr. Prue Talbot with Stem Cell Center faculty participating 


CMDB 256 - Seminar in Stem Cell Biology - 1 unit 

This seminar features outside speakers who are engaged in various aspects of stem cell research. Each week a different speaker is featured. Most presentation relate to biomedical applications of stem cells. 

Participating Faculty: Organization rotates, all faculty can participate 


BCH 230 – Advanced Topics in Stem Cell Biology – 2 units 

The objective of this course is to offer students the opportunity to explore specific topics in Stem Cell Biology in depth. The course includes faculty lectures and student presentations. 

Participating Faculty: Dr. Noboru Sato.



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