Nikon Eclipse Ti has been upgraded to a new LED system!

We are glad to announce that the Nikon Eclipse Ti has been upgraded to a solid-state white light excitation subsystem.

If you are interested in being trained on the Eclipse, please contact me to set up a checkout time. 

Additionally, all users who are currently checked out on the Eclipse and would like to use it in the future must have a quick re-check out by myself as some of the steps to power on and off the system has changed. Please contact me to arrange a time. 

SOLA Light Engines: Key Features 

  • Sources 5 solid-state sources operating simultaneously to produce white light
  • Wavelength Range 380–680 nm (SOLA SM II and SE II) or 350–680 nm (SOLA SM II 365 and SE II 365)
  • Output Power ~ 3 W white light at output of 3 mm diameter liquid light guide (LLG)*
  • Lifetime >20,000 hours
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