UCR Stem Cell Center Participates in Huntington's Disease Outreach

Dr. Prue Talbot, Director of the UCR Stem Cell Center, and Crystal Hua, an undergraduate working with Dr. Talbot, participated in the Huntington's Disease Society of America 1st Inland Empire Team Hope Walk which took place in Fairmont Park Riverside on Nov 9, 2913. The fund raising event was very successful and many participants stopped by the UCR table to learn about how stem cells may eventually be used to treat or even cure Huntington's disease. The first photo below shows Crystal explaining the disease-in-a-dish model that is being used to understand the pathology of Huntington's, a degenerative disease of the brain that often onsets in young adults. The second photo shows Daniel Medina, organizer of the Huntington's disease Hope Walk, and Dr. Prue Talbot, Director of the UCR Stem Cell Center.

Huntington Outreach


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