Dr. Huinan Liu Wins National Engineering Award

Dr. Huinan Liu, a member of the UCR Stem Cell Center, won the 2013 award in Materials Science & Engineering Young Researcher Award at the TMS annual Meeting in San Antonio. This award is given to exceptional rising stars and recognizes excellence in experimental and theoretical research topics at the interface of the biological sciences and materials engineering. Dr. Huinan Liu's work focuses on the use of biomaterials in regenerative medicine and the development of new medical devices. A current objective is to gain understanding of cell-biomaterial interactions in 2D and 3D cultures. She focuses on developing tissue substitutes and implant materials using biodegradable polymers and other materials.

Dr. Liu directs the Liu Research Group in the UCR Department of Bioengineering.

Learn more about Dr. Liu's work at:

Congratulations Dr. Liu!

Dr. Huinan Liu


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