Loma Linda University Course List

CRN: 20759 (ANAT 594 section 1) - Flow Cytometry, Intro

The overall goal of this 1-unit course is to give students the introductory education and skills they need to implement basic flow cytometry-based techniques into the repertoire on which they draw in addressing experimental questions and in developing research proposals.

Participating Faculty: Dr. Kimberly Payne                                     


CRN: 20760 (ANAT 594 section 2) - Flow Cytometry, Advanced

The overall goal of this 1 unit course is to provide students who have identified specific research questions that are testable by flow cytometry with advanced training in the use of flow cytometry to address these questions. Students will receive one-on-one guidance from start to finish in developing an experimental approach, obtaining and fine-tuning protocols, designing and executing experiments, acquiring and analyzing data, and identifying the most effective means of presenting data in fellowship applications, posters, power point lectures, and/or peer-reviewed publications. Prerequisite: Intro Flow Cytometry (Anatomy 593 section 1 or approval of instructor)       

Participating Faculty: Dr. Kimberly Payne


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